Balance is life

Help your dog find balance

Finding balance will help improve your dog’s health. Balance is about tending to all their bodily needs, both physically and mentally. EQUALS can help, providing balanced tailor-made recipes, specially formulated supplements and all-natural multivitamins.

Your dog is part of your family, that’s why we encourage you to also cook for them once in a while. It’s a real labour of love. An opportunity to increase the bond between you. It’s also the ideal way to create the perfect recipe, whether your dog is a picky eater or has special dietary needs.

Just think of all the benefits of balance. Healthier eyes, teeth and skin. Stronger bones. An improved digestive system and boosted immunity. Your dog will live a healthier, happier and longer life.

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EQUALS Multivitamins. Everything your dog needs!

EQUALS Multivitamins contain 32 essential ingredients. Including Vitamin A, for healthy growth and eye care. Vitamin B, a group of vitamins which play a leading role in your dog’s health. Regulating energy and carbohydrate metabolism, taking care of the nervous system and strengthening the immune system.

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What EQUALS customers are saying?

“We assure Etro healthy and happy days ahead. 10/10!”

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“Superexcited when we started cooking, I never thought its such a joy for them”

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“She has lost weight and is more active. Highly recommend!”

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Cooking for dogs. How to learn?

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Dogs, Cooking and Food

Dogs, Cooking and Food

Eat as equals

Many of us eat fast food. We know it’s not good for our body, but now and again it won’t do too much harm. However, most of us feed our best buddy with the dog equivalent of fast food twice a day.

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Organic pasta with duck meatballs

Cooking pasta for yourself? Cook a little bit extra for your friend too! To balance it you can complement it with EQUALS Farm Duck meatballs.

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Keep a food diary

It will help you make changes to your dog’s lifestyle and diet, ensuring they keep a good body condition.

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