13 January 2023

Aging: Ten tips for a longer life

It seems like only yesterday, when your dog was a small bundle of fur chasing their tail. In fact, relatively speaking, it was only a short time ago. Most dogs live no more than 15 or 16 years, and for some larger breeds, 10 years is the usual life span. And though there are plenty of 20-year-old dogs basking in their senior years, their two decades of life still put them in the “ancient” category.

While you can’t reverse the hands of time, there’s a lot you can do to keep an old friend comfortable and by your side for a longer time.

– Regular check-ups. Visit your vet at least once a year.

– Keep those paws moving. Daily exercise, ideally walking at least 20 minutes twice a day.

– Watch their weight. Healthy dogs stay fairly sleek throughout their lives. For more information, download the free EQUALS diary template.

– Add fresh food to their regular diet. Proper food leads to proper digestion and proper functioning of the immune system. EQUALS can help, by providing tailor-made balanced recipes for your dog, that you can make at home.

– Switch to healthy treats. Fruit, or baked vegetables, like pumpkin, are great snacks.

– Include natural supplements, as a once-in-a-while reward in a snack.

– Keep the water bowl full. Always, always provide fresh and clean water.

– Add some antioxidants to their food. Multivitamins in powder form are best, allowing you to mix easily and evenly.

– Keep your dog close. Hearing and vision lose their sharpness with age, you need to become their ears and take more precautions on their behalf.

– Help your children understand. Like people, many elderly dogs get a bit cranky and intolerant of interruption. You may need to ask the kids to be extra considerate of an elderly dog.

<strong>Aging: Ten tips for a longer life</strong>