30 January 2023

Bladder control issues

Bladder control issues: Four ways to ensure that it’s no issue

It’s normal for puppies to make little mistakes. But when your conscientious canine has suddenly stopped making it to the backyard in time, there could be something physically wrong that needs to be looked into.

1. Keep a minimum amount of water to drink at night (but not too much).

2. Head for the great outdoors. Take your buddy out the moment they wake up. Reward your dog every time they go out and “do” something.

3. Watch for warning signs. If your pooch is looking restless, walking in circles, or nosing the ground, you can bet that they’re not looking for a lost ring. Try to get them outside as soon as possible.

4. Keep a regular meal schedule. Some dogs need to go outside immediately after eating. Controlling their mealtimes will help you keep tabs on their other needs as well.

Call your vet immediately, if any changes in your dog’s usual habits persist for more than two days. Also, if the urine is discoloured or they are finding it difficult to relieve themselves.

Bladder control issues