18 September 2020

Itches, sores and rashes.

For a dog, an itch needs to be scratched. Continuous scratching can lead to rashes and sores. Worse, they can also lick and bite themselves resulting in very nasty wounds. A dog may get a rash from insect bites, like fleas, but also from nettles, or as an allergic response. It can often be difficult to tell whether the sore area is the result of an irritant or self-inflicted.

Whether you visit the vet or take care of the issue yourself, the most important thing is to eliminate the cause before attempting the cure. For example, if your dog is scratching itself more than usual, the most common reason is fleas. And when you see one flea, you can be sure that there’s a whole lot more! The answer is to get a treatment from your local pet store or online. If this doesn’t work, then try a soothing cream, like Rescue cream, this should do the trick.

Perhaps, you will be surprised to learn, scientific trials and tests prove that many skin problems are the result of an imbalanced diet. So, many of the problems we’ve described may be the result of what your dog is eating and will therefore need to be adjusted. If itches, scratches or sores persist, this is something you should definitely discuss with your vet.

You may also consider EQUALS, our food nutritionists can create recipes tailor-made especially for your dog. Perfectly balanced, matching the health and nutritional needs of your best friend, with easy step-by-step cooking instructions.

Itches, sores and rashes.