5 June 2022

Japanese Shiba: one of the world’s oldest breeds

Otherwise known as the Shiba Inu, it’s believed that its ancestors were first brought to the island of Japan around 9,000 years ago. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that they are treated as a national treasure. Or maybe it’s because of the adorable fox-like face. Whatever the reason, it’s one of the most popular dogs in Japan.

Originally it was kept as a hunting dog, because of its keen sense of smell and hearing. Seeking out small animals, like birds and rabbits, but also to help hunt down boars and bears. These days, they don’t have to work for their living. Relying on their loveable cute and cuddly appearance. Though they are known for being faithful and loyal to owners, they are also independent, aloof and stubborn. More like a cat!

Despite some cat-like tendences, their dietary requirements are purely canine. A protein-rich diet with fresh whole foods, like chicken, turkey or beef. But also with rice, green vegetables and carrots, to ensure they have all the vitamins and minerals they need.

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Japanese Shiba: one of the world’s oldest breeds