10 July 2021


There are many household items which are deadly for your dog. Human tablets and medicines, bleach and detergent, garden chemicals. These are all especially dangerous for a puppy, who will try anything. You should always ensure that anything potentially hazardous to your dog is not in a place that they can get at.

Accidents can happen. If you think your dog has eaten or drunk something poisonous, there are two things you can do immediately. Firstly, make your dog sick before the poisonous substance can be absorbed in the stomach. This is so important that you must do it before contacting your vet. However, if your vet is immediately available on the phone, and you know what your dog has swallowed, you can speak to them before making your dog vomit.

The most effective way of making your dog sick is hydrogen peroxide, something you should always have at home. One teaspoon for every two and a half kilos of your dog’s bodyweight. Vomiting will take place very quickly, so be sure to have old newspapers or towels you can use to clean the mess.

The second thing to do is contact your vet and email a photo of the poisonous substance. There may be no ill effect or further treatment necessary. That of course would be the most perfect outcome.