23 September 2021

The Golden Retriever. The golden touch.

The Golden Retriever really is a star all-rounder. Able to turn their talents to almost anything. From guide dogs for the blind to an expert detector of drugs or explosives, to an enthusiastic hunting companion. And, more often than not, a heart stealer, the most loved member of any household.

This is definitely a dog whose bark is worse than his bite. As a guard dog, they will bark at intruders. However, if any intruder manages to break in, their only worry is being licked into submission. Yes, gentle is this dog’s middle name. Known for their placid nature and very soft bite, able to pick up a newspaper without leaving a mark.

Golden Retrievers come in three golden colours: light golden, golden and dark golden. However, some breeders have started selling “white” Golden Retrievers, but these are not recognized by the official kennel clubs in most countries.

A weird fact about Golden Retrievers: their feet, which are webbed, that’s what make them such good swimmers and hunting dogs. It’s also a dog with a lot of energy, needing around two hours exercise every day. So, if you’re not fond of walking the dog, this is not the breed for you. They also shed a lot of hair in spring and autumn in preparation of warmer and cooler weather, which means a lot of vacuuming.

Famous Golden Retriever owners include Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Chan, David Hasselhoff and Jennifer Aston. But let’s be honest, the Golden Retriever is the real star in any home.

The Golden Retriever. The golden touch.