23 November 2021

Why vets should recommend home-made dog food

Many vets recommend well-known brand names, but are these really the best food for a dog? In many cases, the answer is simply no. This is especially true when it concerns kibbles. Honestly, how do kibbles fit in with anything that a dog would naturally eat? Whether you look at this from a historical or biological point of view. Their digestive system is just not made for swallowing dry food.

On top of that, think about the process of how kibbles are made. Kibbles are cooked at very high temperatures (250-300 degrees centigrade) which destroys all the natural nutrition value of the food. Then artificial flavouring and colouring, synthetic nutrition and preservatives are added, for a long shelf life. There is even growing scientific evidence, supported by many vets, that kibbles are responsible for the continuing rise in cancer, allergies and other disorders in dogs.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s the sustainability angle. Tinned and bagged pet foods generally travel many thousands of kilometres to reach a dog’s dish. That could be solved at a stroke, by people buying local ingredients from local producers. Which is also beneficial to the local community, rather than giant multinational pet food makers and their shareholders.

Cooking and making fresh food is the most sustainable way to feed a dog, but it’s so much more than that. Recipes can be perfectly balanced and tailored to each dog’s nutritional needs. Adding vitamins, joint or kidney supplements as necessary, depending on the dog’s condition. As well as special ingredients that are particularly good for senior dogs.
There are those that have raised concerns that home-made recipes can’t give a dog everything they need. However, there are literally thousands of websites with fresh home-made recipes which prove this to be obviously untrue.

This article is written by EQUALS. We offer a platform to help dog owners cook tailor-made recipes at home. As well as multivitamins and supplements to ensure that every dog gets the ingredients they need to live a longer and more fulfilling life.

Why vets should recommend home-made dog food