8 August 2021

Workouts on the wheels

Many dogs are naturals when it comes to accompanying you on your wheels, but it’s important that you take precautions to prevent injury or overexertion. What’s more, some breeds are simply not designed to keep up with a steady quick pace.


Cycling is excellent effective, exercise for you burning some 800 calories an hour. However, always start your program slowly building up both distance and speed overtime. Don’t even consider it if your dog is not energetic and extremely fit and always check with your vet first.

Inline skating

Inline skating is a fantastic exercise for you. Not only is it fun, it is an easy way to trim away the pounds and improve your circulation, heart and lungs. Your leg muscles will also get a full workout. What’s more, a fit dog can accompany you and achieve the same benefits.

Workouts on the wheels