Sustainable petfood

Everybody is using the word “sustainability” but for us it’s not just some label or lifestyle fad we’re trying to push. EQUALS believes in helping to solve the food (and health) problems of dogs and cats by cooking for them. With EQUALS Consulting we want to take one step further and help petfood manufactures transform their businesses and make it as sustainable as possible. EQUALS Team unique knowledge and global experience in pet sector, as well as our creativity and passion for sustainable living drives our professional advise.

EQUALS Consulting for Pet Food Producers

= For pet food producers based in China or APAC, who want to develop distribution overseas.

= For companies already operating in global markets, but struggling to maintain desired growth tempo.

= For pet food brands wanting to enter the global market for the first time.

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EQUALS Core Competencies

= Global brand-building from scratch. From initial idea to real-time products and services.

= Adopting existing brands. Adapting to the latest legal requirements and consumer tastes per country.

= Local and global marketing strategy and execution.

= Global e-commerce: business set-up (from initial idea to fully operating online platform/app. Integrated with global supply chain and manufacturing). IT, marketing strategy and execution.

EQUALS Cases Examples

NatureBridge: one of the largest Chinese premium pet food brand. We oversaw marketing efforts for three years, with 23% growth in revenue every year. Rebranded the complete NatureBridge assortment (156 skus) and launched the brand internationally in 2020.

VIGOR & SAGE: Created a new European production and supply network. Launched a new brand in 23 European countries. As well as in Russia, Norway and Indonesia.

Pedigree: Produced European advertising campaigns.

Whiskas: TV campaign in Europe.

VIP Pets Australia (Real Pet Food): international standard accounting and financial advisory.

True Leaf (USA\Canada): distribution strategy and global business development.

Buffet (Sweden): distribution strategy and business development execution in APAC.


Kirill Repin, Co-Founder and Managing Director of EQUALS

Kirill is a nutritionist, who believes in long-term wellness, through meditation, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. His previous experience includes leading the international development for numerous pet food brands, including NatureBridge and VIGOR & SAGE. He has lived and worked in both Europe and China.

Paul Falla, Chief Creative Officer, EQUALS

Paul has over 30 years of experience in marketing communication, working in London, Amsterdam and Shanghai.
He has won or been nominated for 45 national and international awards. His experience in the pet food industry includes Butcher’s, NatureBridge, Pedigree, VIGOR & SAGE and Whiskas.

Dr. Tatang Cahyono, Chief Nutritionist, EQUALS

Dr Tatang Cahyono has been passionate about animals since childhood. He is a certified veterinary nutritionist (Academy of Natural Health Sciences, New Jersey, USA) and a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Veterenary Medicine. He runs two holistic animal clinics in Jakarta, where he practices accupuncture as well as other holistic methods. He has been studying animal nutrition and creating new recipes for over twenty years.

Daria Philippova-Glebova, Investor Relations and Corporate Governance, EQUALS

After obtaining law degrees in Moscow (BA) and in London (MA), Daria jumped into corporate development, working in various industries across many countries. Her work brought her a lot of unusual matters – from restaurant opening to pet food packing. She is the mother of two and lives in Luxembourg. Her cat Donna is a strict vegetarian with frequent hunting outdoors.

Darcy Bomford, Head of Strategy for North America, EQUALS

Seasoned businessmen in both pet and consumer industries. Founder and CEO of True Leaf, a North American manufacturer of hemp products for cats and dogs.

Fai Kung, Manager of Legal and Financial Affairs, EQUALS

Fai has over 30 years of experience, running international management accounting for pet food companies. His clients include NatureBridge, VIGOR & SAGE, Brabanconne and V.I.P. Petfoods (Australia).

Dmitry Alekseev, Head of Privacy and Data Protection, EQUALS

Dmitry’s background is in international law, having graduated from Madrid University, Spain. He is scrupulous and detail-oriented to the extreme. He is also a happy-go-lucky owner of a very cute English Toy Terrier.

Dennis van den Berg, Head of IT, EQUALS

Dennis has been addicted to IT entrepreneurship for over thirty years. He currently runs Dodo, Studioviv and JouwNieuwPlek, specialising in online and offline marketing.

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