12 June 2022

Irish Setter. The Mad Irishman.

The Irish setter is known for its flamboyant personality and flame-coloured coat. Joyful, boisterous and loves being the centre of attention. And what’s not to love? This beautiful, elegant and athletic dog is even used as a mascot by several brands. In Ireland Bus Eireann uses the image of an Irish Setter to represent friendly, reliable and fast. How the company aims to serve its customers.

This wild rover needs a lot of training to keep in check. However, they remain the perfect family dog. In the US, the White House has seen more than its fair share of Irish Setters as first dogs. Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were all big fans.

When considering food for an Irish setter, there should be nothing mad or colourful about their diet. They tend to pile on the pounds, so a sensible food regime is vital. Their diet should consist of biologically appropriate proteins, healthy fats, ground bones and vegetables. These are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

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Irish Setter. The Mad Irishman.