Heart Health

The heart is symbolic as well as functional. Physically, it controls the body’s transport system, no cell in the body is more than five cells away from a blood vessel. In our minds, it is linked with emotions such as courage and love. Heart disease has a genetic component: it is rare in some breeds and common in others. There may be a link between chronic gum infection and valvular heart disease.

The most common medical condition that affects the dogs cardiovascular system is valvular heart disease. Valves separating the top chambers from the lower chambers become damaged and ‘leak’. The heart compensates by enlarging itself, but as valve damage increases a limit is reached at which the heart can no longer cope. It is only then that the dog shows severe clinical signs of heart disease. Signs include pasty-colored gums , labored breathing, and severe coughing.

Holistic vets say that the recent increase in the lifespan of dogs has occurred so quickly that their bodies do not naturally produce sufficient antioxidants for their old age. Consequently they believe antioxidant supplements are beneficial for elderly dogs.

To help heart maintain its function – EQUALS team partnered with Dr Tatang clinical research team and developed a breakthrough all-natural supplements for dog’s healthy heart. It contains only 9 natural ingredients including Ginseng, Poria and antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q10 , meticulously selected with only one purpose – maintain a healthy heart function by supporting normal blood flow circulation, maintain the stability of the heart pump function and maintain body stamina, reducing fluid accumulation in the lungs, protecting cells from free radicals while promoting cells growth.


Ligusticum cuan xiong, salvia dan shen, panax ginseng ren shen, poria fu ling, schicandara wu wei zi, ophiopogon mai men dong, co-enzyme Q10, skimmed milk, liver extract.

Feeding instructions

Give your dog one-two tablet per day (per 2.5-5kg body weight), each pack contains 50 tablets.


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