EQUALS Multivitamins. Everything your dog needs.

EQUALS Multivitamins contain 32 essential ingredients. Including Vitamin A, for healthy growth and eye care. Vitamin B, a group of vitamins which play a leading role in your dog’s health. Regulating energy and carbohydrate metabolism, taking care of the nervous system and strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant, helping to reduce inflammation and cognitive aging. Vitamin D is for the development and maintenance of healthy muscles and bones. EQUALS Multivitamins contains many other vitamins and mineral, read more here.

Feeding instructions.

EQUALS Multivitamins are the perfect daily supplement. Either combined with the recipes on this site or mixed with your dog’s regular dry or wet food. Please use as recommended on the pack. On average a dog with weight<10kg will need max 2 tea spoons per day. With this order you will get 3 bags, 15g each, meaning it will lasts for about 12 days if fed daily 2 teaspoons and mixed with your dogs regular food. You may also try cooking tailor-made recipe, one 15g bag of multivitamins designed for 1kg of cooked food.

Limited offer.

This offer includes 3 bags x 15g.


Currently we don’t deliver only to Mars, to all other destinations we ship by first class mail at no charge.

Have fun bonding with your furry friend!


Heart Health

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Immune Booster

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Eye Care

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Liver Health

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